Workshop: Making Fresh Vinegars at Home

Workshop: Making Fresh Vinegars at Home
Date: Saturday, March 29
Time: 12pm (noon)
Where: 5715 Market Street, North Oakland

On Saturday March 29, Tucan Vinegars founder Francisco Jimenez will lead a workshop on the many wonders of vinegar for all who care to join. It is part of a series called Principles of Fermentation. The workshop will take place at Phat Beets’ Saturday Farmers Market, 5715 Market Street in North Oakland, in the parking lot of Arlington Medical Center. This workshop, Making Fresh Vinegars at Home, will invite folks to taste homemade vinegars made from organic local produce and will offer them ways to make better use of vinegar and to make it themselves at home. All are invited to attend the workshop, which will be free, with donations accepted.